2011-04-20 14:50:22 by tundrafox1

Is it me or does no one on here have good taste in music?

Every other site I've uploaded music to I've gotten so many fantastic comments.. alot of fans.. et cetera.. but no one wants to even bother with things on here..

Is it cause I'm a furry? People are morons.. judge the music, not the person

A note from Tundra

2010-04-08 12:14:51 by tundrafox1

Just wanted to say, I don't upload my best works onto here cause i don't want people jacking my music lol I am better than what I seem. I don't want all my hard work being claimed by some idiot who doesn't have a life and makes one of his/her own by stealing other people's work... no offense to anyone lol

Music getting better =3

2009-05-28 23:49:50 by tundrafox1

I'm happy that my music is getting better
I've been practicing with Fl Studio now for about a year and 5 1/2 months
I figured out how to make my bass hit harder without distorting anything... I'm still trying to figure out how to make it hit harder than that :P